Citizens Academy

Registration for 'Citizens Academy Spring 2019' is now open.
Classes will run March 20 to May 22 ~ every Wednesday 9 a.m. to noon.
Space is limited to 30 attendees.

Flagler County Citizens Academy provides a unique opportunity for citizens to learn about county government — specifically Flagler County government. The goal is to provide a vehicle for participants to gain knowledge while fostering a strong working relationship between Flagler County and its citizens.

A time commitment of 10 weeks is required to participate in the academy, and attendance at nine of the 10 sessions necessary for graduation.

Flagler County Citizens Academy is offered twice yearly with Spring and Fall classes. Each of the two classes is limited to 30 participants who must be Flagler County citizens over the age of 18. Classes are filled in the order in which applications are received. A waiting list is created once the 30 slots are filled.
Apply online by completing the form below, or call Flagler County Administration at 313-386-4001.


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