Employee Health and Wellness Center

CareHere manages the wellness center where wellness and case management are integrated with on-site healthcare
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Employee Health & Wellness Center is located on the Flagler County Government Services campus between the Emergency Operations Center & General Services/Fleet Maintenance
Health Center
Imagine taking a half-hour instead of half a day to visit the county health and wellness center for diagnosis and treatment of your sore throat, blood-glucose testing or a blood-pressure check. Gone is the necessity to take the afternoon off for the long drive to and from the doctor's office. CareHere's health and wellness center can also help employees save by assisting in maintaining overall health and managing chronic health conditions.

By taking advantage of our on-site health and wellness center, you can:
    • Eliminate co-pays and deductibles.
    • Stop feeling frustrated in a waiting room.
    • Utilize an online appointment scheduler, or call CareHere toll-free.
    • Work with a doctor and/or nurse practitioner and medical assistant to provide primary care at your worksite.Monitor conditions including colds, diabetes, asthma, immunizations, etc.
    • Receive medications dispensed on-site.Enjoy healthcare that is convenient, has no cost or forms, and generates no claim disputes.
    • Participate in a program that is completely voluntary.

27 Hour / 7 Day per week Gym Access for all eligible employees
Wellness Center
We provide all the services a primary healthcare physician's office would offer but at a lower cost and greater convenience. In addition to treating minor illnesses and injuries we offer ongoing treatment and management of chronic conditions.

At the Wellness Center, they dispense medications not only for acute disease treatment but for chronic disease management. They create a formulator of meds to dispense by analysis of client pbm (Pharmacy Benefit Management) data to find a group of medications that fit many therapeutic needs that are a net savings to the client based on the pbm costs.

Our Wellness Team is unique because its activity is triggered frequently before a claim, or even a diagnosis is made. Activity for most case management firms is triggered by a diagnosis or large claim amount.