COHS Program Details

First - Self Assessment
Ready to earn an accredited private high school diploma, career certificate, and more?  The first step is to take the Self-Assessment to determine if this online high school program will meet your educational and career goals.  The self-assessment can be completed in just a few minutes, by answering only sixteen questions.  Please note, a small essay (150 words or less) is part of the assessment.

Second - Prerequisite Courses
The library will review your self-assessment to determine if you meet the basic requirements for the program and are ready to enroll in the two-week long prerequisite career course*.  The library will contact you within five days of the completion of your self-assessment.

*The prerequisite course must be completed within two weeks or less

Third - The Interview
Once you have successfully completed your prerequisite course, the library will contact you within five days to schedule an interview to discuss your application for a scholarship award.

Fourth - The Scholarship
After your interview, the library will contact you about the scholarship award.  If accepted into the program, you will gain access to the online classroom within 3 days.

List of Secondary Schools that Accept COHS Diplomas