Licensing and Insurance Requirements

Importance of Licensing
Qualified tradesmen may easily become licensed contractors by submitting the Flagler Contractor Application. Advertising to do building work without a contractor license in advance is as illegal as actually doing such work, and all illegal operators are prosecuted to the fullest extent prescribed in the adopted contractor licensing ordinance. Ordinance 2007-10 applies to the unincorporated areas of Flagler County.

Insurance Requirements
  • $300,000/$50,000 (General/Building) General Liability
  • $100,000/$25,000 (All other) General Liability
  • Worker's Compensation or an exemption

Introduction to Licensing

Class I Licensees build whole buildings or entire operating systems. The Class I license covers:
• General Contractor • Building Contractor • Residential Contractor • Roofing Contractor • Swimming Pool/Spa - Commercial • Swimming Pool/Spa - Residential • Swimming Pool/Spa - Maintenance • Master Plumber • Master Electrician •Burglar/Fire Alarm • Sign, Electrical • Master A/C "A" • Master A/C "B" • Master Sheet Metal • Master Mechanical • Solar Heating

Class II Licensees build major components. The Class II license covers:
• Aluminum Erection • Carpentry • Concrete • Drywall (Commercial) • Garage Door Installer • Glass/Glazing • Structural/Structural Framing  • Hurricane Protection • Irrigation Sprinkler • Marine Contractor • Masonry • Siding, Window, and Door Installer • Sign Contractor (Non-Electrical)

Qualifications for Both Classes
Licenses may be obtained through examination or reciprocity according to this fee schedule:
     • $50 Application fee
     • $50 Testing fee
     • $100 License fee
     • $100 Biennial renewal fee
     • $80 PROV Testing fee/Paid to PROV

Specialty Licenses
Licensees perform work requiring permits. The Specialty License covers:
     • Fence Installation 
     • Paving/Pavers
     • Stucco (Plaster and Lath)
     • Drywall (Residential)
     • Shed Installers (Pre-Fab)

Reciprocity Checklist

Licenses may be obtained through letters of reference according to this fee schedule:
     • $50 Application fee
     • $100 License fee
     • $100 Biannual renewal fee