Filing a Claim

To file a claim, the following information and documents are required:

     ♦ Copy of discharge
     ♦ Any service medical records in the veteran's possession (or copies)
     ♦ Names, dates, places of treatment while in service
     ♦ Medical records since date of separation, or names and addresses of doctors and hospitals and dates of that treatment
     ♦ The following original documents or certified state-issued copies of:

    • Marriage certificate for the veteran to present spouse
    • Death certificate or divorce decrees for all prior marriages
    • Birth certificates for:
      1. Minor children
      2. Children 18-23 attending school full time
      3. Dependent children who became helpless prior to age 18 and continue to fit helpless criteria

     ♦ Date and place of marriage for each prior marriage for veteran and spouse
     ♦ Social Security numbers for veteran, spouse, and all dependent children
     ♦ Dates of birth for veteran, spouse, and all dependent children
     ♦ Names and addresses for:

    • Next of kin (nearest relative)
    • Two witnesses 
      1. People who know about service connected injury
      2. People who served with the veteran or who were there when it happened
      3. Someone in company at the time
      4. Family members the veteran contacted

For assistance, contact the Veteran Services Office at 386-313-4014. The claim will take approximately 90 minutes to file.