FireFlight has multiple functions including: fire suppression, emergency medical transportation, law enforcement support, search and rescue, and mutual aid support within the region. The aircraft has a top speed of 150 mph, and a range of 430 miles. It is the first line of defense against wildfires that start in remote, difficult to reach areas of Flagler County as it can travel anywhere within the county in 15 minutes and has a 210 gallon water bucket feature. 

Dana & FireFlight
Flight Operations Chief Dana Morris has been with Flagler County Emergency Services since March of 2002. Dana has an extensive and varied flying career and has accumulated over 12,000 flight hours since he started flying helicopters in 1979. His firefighting experience spans over 30 years and was the primary pilot for Grand Canyon National Park for 3 years and Yosemite National Park for 4 years flying firefighting, law enforcement and search /rescue missions. Dana also flew for an air ambulance company in the remote areas of northwest Arizona. His management experience includes being responsible and in charge of three helicopters, four pilots and two mechanics in the remote jungles of Myanmar and Papua New Guinea in Southeast Asia. Dana enjoys adventure travel and is a snow skiing fanatic.
Dana is currently in charge of the safe and efficient function of Flagler County's FireFlight helicopter and the Emergency Services Flight Operations Program. Dana oversees another pilot, a mechanic and a rotation of 6 flight medics as well as the liaison to the Federal Aviation Administration and responsible for scheduling and all budgetary matters.
Dana is a Florida Certified Wildland Firefighter, Structural Firefighter 1, First Responder and Certified with the US Forest Service for Aerial Firefighting. He is an FAA certified flight instructor and holds a helicopter instrument rating.

Todd & FireFlight
Steven, who goes by his middle name “Todd", started flying airplanes in 1999, helicopters in 2001 and has accumulated over 4000 flight hours. Todd flew for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office for almost 8 years as a law enforcement/air ambulance line pilot, he also flew as a Firefighter rotorcraft pilot with the Florida Forest Service and a contract pilot for the West Virginia Division of Forestry. Todd is veteran of the US Navy where his duties were a Crew Chief/Mechanic and was stationed for a period of time as a firefighter for a flight operations crash rescue unit in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.
Todd is an FAA certified commercial helicopter pilot and has a helicopter instrument rating. He is also a certified flight and instrument instructor and is authorized to provide night vision goggle instruction.
Todd is the Flagler County Flight Operations Chief Pilot as well as the Director of Maintenance. He is an FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant maintenance technician with Inspection Authorization as well as a Florida Certified Wildland Firefighter, Structural Firefighter 1 and First Responder and a member of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association. Todd enjoys flying, scuba diving, and skydiving.