Preparing your Business and Employees

As we look ahead to reopening our businesses and resuming a sense of normalcy, we must remember that the threat of COVID-19 is far from gone. It is imperative that businesses and their employees do their part to prevent further spread of COVID-19 and ensure that their place of business is an environment that observes all necessary protective measures. To best protect your business’s employees and customers, and to do your part for protecting the community at-large, it is highly advised that CDC recommendations be implemented as required practices for your business.

It should be noted that your protective practices and workplace policies may differ depending on your type of business, however social distancing, hygiene, and protective mask principles should remain consistent. Reference the CDC page for preparing small businesses and employees to find specialized information for specific job areas.

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For your employees >>

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+ Screen for temperatures as employees enter on a daily basis. 
+ Require all employees to wear face masks, whether they deal with the public or not. 
   For mask guidelines and how to make/obtain them click HERE!
+ Provide disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, and hand sanitizer at work stations.
+ Require any employee in contact with a customer to thoroughly sanitize their hands and any surfaces touched after each transaction.

For your customers >>
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+  Adopt a strict No-Mask-No-Service policy, indicate with clear signage that no service will be provided without a face mask on.
    For mask guidelines and how to make/obtain them click HERE!
+  Limit the number of customers inside the business at once to ensure a 6-foot distance can be kept in between each person. 
+  Designate one-way lanes and clearly mark them. 
+  Adhere to a if-you-touch-it-take-it in store policy 
+  Place signage at the door and throughout the establishment reminding customers of store policies that:
    - Limit the number of customers inside at once.
    - Require maintaining a 6-foot distance from other customers and workers.
    - Require shoppers to use marked one-way lanes.
+  Make frequent store-wide intercom announcements reminding customers to abide by store policies and CDC guidelines.