Resources for re-opening businesses

Below you will find free downloadable posters and social media shareables for businesses to use online and in your establishments to communicate best and required COVID-19 safety practices. Posters are broken down by industry and are available in versions directed at both public/visitor awareness and staff/employee awareness.

You may use the the list below to choose the specific posters that pertain to you and your business or;

Free industry specific re-opening guidance posters for businesses

☞ For Retail Establishments
☞ Childcare Facilities
☞ Faith Based Organizations
☞ Government Facilities
☞ Grocery Stores
☞ Hotel/Vacation Rentals
☞ Manufacturing Facilities
☞ Medical Facilities
☞ Residential Communities
☞ Restaurants
☞ Retail Establishments
☞ Download All Business Industry Guidance Posters

Free signage & social media posts for businesses

☞ All Employees and Customers must wear face masks sign - 8x10
☞ Checkout Area Sign - 8x10
☞ Face Mask Zone sign - 8x10
☞ Limit one person per family sign - 8x10
☞ Pick up Area Sign - 8x10
☞ Sales Area Sign - 8x10
☞ "Keep In Mind" Facebook & Instagram Post
☞ "Face Mask Zone" Facebook & Instagram Post
☞ Download All