Individuals with Special Needs

Who are Individuals with Special Needs
     ♦  Individuals with Special Needs are those residents in Flagler County that require medical and/or transportation assistance if required to evacuate in an emergency or disaster.

What is a Special Needs Shelter
     ♦  A Special Needs Shelter, like other disaster shelters, is a place to stay when there is no other sheltering option. It should only be used as a back-up to a personal emergency plan. 
     ♦  A Special Needs Shelter provides more medical care and supervision than general population shelters to help meet special medical needs during an evacuation.  
     ♦  Under emergency conditions and to the extent possible, the Special Needs Shelter will provide a safe sheltering environment and basic assistance to maintain the current level of health of those it shelters.  
     ♦  Service animals (as defined by the American Disabilities Act) are allowed. Their care is the sole responsibility of the owner.  
     ♦  Caregiver should come with individuals with special needs to maintain the level of care they are used to receiving. Shelter staff will not be able to provide one-on-one care.

Who is Special Needs Shelter Eligible
       Not all individuals will be eligible to shelter in the Special Needs shelter. Eligibility depends on a number of factors including:

  • Dependence upon a health professional to administer medication, including oxygen  therapy
  • Dependence upon electricity for life supporting medical equipment
  • Require daily (or more frequent) dressing changes by a health care professional
  • Require daily assistance by a health care professional, because of immobility or other conditions that cause reliance on others for basic care
  • Require daily assessment of an unstable medical condition by professional nursing personnel
  • Have special medical needs, but do not require hospitalization
  • Need assistance with basic everyday tasks

What if I don’t have Special Needs, but need transportation assistance to evacuate?
  Complete the registration form so that the County is aware of your transportation needs in an emergency or disaster.

How may I register and/or determine if I am eligible?
       In order to apply and determine eligibility, please:

*** For any questions or concerns about the Special Needs Registry please call the Emergency Operations Center at 386-313-4200***

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