The 'Firewise' Home

Homeowner Checklist

  • Clear needles, leaves and other debris from the roof, gutters, eaves, porches and decks. This reduces the chances of embers igniting the home.
  • To reduce ember penetration, replace or repair loose or missing roof shingles or tiles, and caulk any gaps or openings on roof edges.
  • Cover exterior attic vents, and enclose under-eave and soffit vents with metal wire mesh no larger than 1/8 inch to prevent embers from entering the home.
  • Remove items stored under decks or porches; replace vegetation in these areas with rock or gravel.
  • Replace mulch with hardscaping, including rock, gravel or stone. If it can catch fire, don’t let it touch the house, deck or porch.
  • Remove flammable items within 30 feet of all structures including firewood piles, portable propane tanks and dry and dead vegetation.
  • Dry grass and shrubs are fuel for wildfire so keep the lawn hydrated and maintained. If it is brown, trim it to reduce fire intensity, and don’t let debris and lawn cuttings linger. Dispose of these items quickly to reduce fuel for fire.
  • Fire can spread to tree tops. For tall trees on the property, prune low hanging branches 6 to 10 feet from the ground and for smaller trees, prune low hanging branches no more than a third of the tree’s height. Remove tall grasses, vines and shrubs from under trees.
  • Talk to neighbors and create a plan for how to address challenges together.