Historic Photos

boat races gore lake
Bunnell Airport, George Allen and wife Johnnie Buckles
Flagler Beach-Charles Lindburg-Nov 1932
Lindburg a
Lindburg b 29Nov1931
Lindburg c autograph
Booe House on Moody in Bunnell with Ida and Zeb
Bunnell Garage - boys out for a ride
bunnell garage
bunnell RR station
Bunnell state bank
Carter, Dr Lemuel Allen House, s of Halcyon Hotel on RR stre
Charles Siscos Garage - 1925-02-10
City Hall about 1959 fishing on Lake Lucille
City Hall Dance early 1960s
courthouse about 1938
Flood-1941-courthouse in bg
Holden Drug Store Bunnell c-1929
Holden Drug Store Bunnell, interior looking west
Holden Drug Store, interior looking south
Halcyon Hotel-b
Holden House on Moody Blvd
Holdens Drug Store Bunnell
Flagler County Courthouse in Flood
Methodist Church, 1916-1917
Moonshine Raid by Sheriff Homer W Brooks
Parade Day, Zeb and Ida Booe with Mann Baker BW
Young Women's Asso Garden Party Jun 1933.psd
Dupont - shipping potatoes
Dupont - trains at depot crossing
Dupont-Logging Operations
Dupont-Utley White Mansion
Dupont-Sawmill Log Pond
Tippicanoe Inn Lobby 2
Tippicanoe Inn Lobby
Tippicanoe Inn
live & let live camp
espanola RR station (about 1938)
Bathing Beauties
FB showing pier and hotel
Flagler Beach c 1927
Flagler Beach late 1930s
Flagler Beach from air 14 Jun 1961 by Theo C Hein
Flagler Beach-04Jul1964 BW
Fuquay House-1927
Fuquay House and airport
digging potatos
Haw Creek Farms managed by Zeb Booe-1919
Haw Creek
Potato Farming
St Christopher
St Mary's Church built in 1915
Trojan, Helen Trojan Trazba and father Barney
White Eagle built in 1926
White Eagle Gas Pump
Mala Compra
neoga saw mill train
neoga saw mill
Neoga Cooper's Shed with Van Murray
neoga house 1
Billy Deen's Wedding to April Campbell, Sisco Deen, best man
BHS Band around 1950
BHS Band-a
BHS Band-c
BHS Band-d
BHS Bullpups, 1962-09-24
BHS Class of 36, first grade (1924-1925) BW
BHS Class of 64, 25 Oct 1963
bunnell high school
Bunnell High School -3
Bunnell High School -7
Bunnell High School -19
Bunnell High School -29
School Class Photo with Pearl Stuckey
SJP- Mrs Nieland's Sewing Club
SJP-4 H Club
SJP-Admin Building, St Johns Dev Corp
SJP-Band marching in Palatka
SJP-Bull Creek
SJP-Community Center
SJP-Corn Crib with fiddler
SJP-Davis House and Barn
SJP-Davis House with Mrs Davis, Grace and Maggie at Gate
SJP-Davis, Fannie Burnsed Funeral Card
SJP-Dock with Mail Boat
SJP-Deen Road looking West
SJP-Dock with Steam Ship City of Augusta
SJP-Dock with Steam Ship
SJP-Entry Sign
SJP-Farming-Cabbage-Wm H Deen Farm
SJP-Farming-Hay-Howard Schwartz Farm
SJP-Farming-Potatoes-Z G Holland Farm
SJP-Farming-Potatos-Charley Yelvington Farm
SJP-Farming-Potatos-John Buckles Farm
SJP-Gator Pin
SJP-Joe's Cash Store
SJP-Rooming House at Omega
SJP-Russell Landing -Buckles in Boad
SJP-Russell Landing-Pavillion
SJP-School 2
SJP-School, Gilbert
SJP-Squires Saw Mill
SJP-Squries Saw Mill Men
SJP-Turpentine Still
Flagler Map - 1936
pier 1930's
pier building about 1950
Hammock-jungle hut[1]
Princess Sherbatoff
Prince Boris Sherbatoff
1880s waterview
1888 lodge entrance
1888 waterview original seawall
dining room built in cabinet
dining room
east bedroom - princess' room
east bedroom 2
fireplace in great room
great room 1880-1920
great room 1950s
kitchen stove
lewis e wadsworth 1963
mantle in great room
north bedroom 2
north bedroom 1920s
north bedroom