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Public Safety Coordinating Council
Flagler County is required to create a Public Safety Coordinating Council pursuant to section 951.26 of the Florida Statutes.

The Public Safety Coordinating Council is responsible for:
  • Assessing the population status of all detention or correctional facilities owned or contracted by the county
  • Formulating recommendations to ensure that the capacities of such facilities are not exceeded
  • Including an assessment of the availability of pretrial intervention or probation programs, work-release programs, substance abuse programs, gain-time schedules, applicable bail bond schedules, and the confinement status of the inmates housed within each facility owned or contracted by the county
  • Developing a local public safety plan for future construction needs
    • The plan must cover a five year period
    • The plan may be submitted for consideration to the local planning agency for the county at least 120 days before the adoption of, or amendment to, the Comprehensive Plan (pursuant to part II of chapter 163)

Staff Contact
For more information on the Public Safety Coordinating Council, contact Christie Mayer in the County Administration Office, at (386) 313-4001.

  1. The chairperson of the Board of County Commissioners, or another County Commissioner designee, shall serve as the chairperson of the council until the council elects a chairperson from the membership of the council. Commission Chair Nate McLaughlin 
  2. The state attorney or his designee.  (no term limit) State Attorney R. J. Larizza
  3. The public defender or his designee.  (no term limit) Public Defender James S. Purdy
  4. The chief circuit judge or his designee.  (no term limit) Judge Mathew Foxman
  5. The chief county judge or his designee.  (no term limit) Judge Melissa Moore-Stens
  6. The chief correctional officer.  (no term limit) Becky Quintieri
  7. The sheriff or his designee.  (no term limit) Sheriff James Manfre
  8. The state probation circuit administrator or his designee.  (4 year term) Tammi Schimming Circuit Administrator
  9. The director of any county probation or pretrial intervention program.  (4 year term) Karen Lloyd
  10. The director of a local substance abuse treatment program or his designee. (4 year term) Stewart-Marchman-ACT Behavorial Health Care / Ivan Cosimi, appointee
  11. Representatives from county and state jobs programs and other community groups who work with offenders and victims, appointed by the chairperson of the Board of County Commissioners.  (4 year term) Christine Sikora
  12. At large member/Court Administrator (4 year term).  Mark Weinberg
  13. At large member (4 year term).  Greg Feldman
  14. Flagler County School Board. Dr. Phyllis Pearson

Additional Members (in accordance with grant application requirements – 10/11)

  1. Representing police chief or designee from local police chief’s association.  Thomas Foster, Police Chief City of Bunnell
  2. Representative of substance abuse program office and mental health program office of the Dept. of Children and Family Services.  Arnold Anderson
  3. Representing consumer of mental health services.  Nadine Dotson
  4. Representing consumer of substance abuse services.  Bryan Plummer
  5. Representing family member of consumer of mental health services.  Linda Murphy
  6. Representing area homeless programs.  Jeff White
  7. Director of detention facility of Dept. of Juvenile Justice.  Paul Finn
  8. Chief Probation Officer or designee of the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.  David Kerr


  • 8:45 a.m.
  • Second Wednesday of each month
  • Government Services Complex
    Training Room of the Emergency Operations Center (unless otherwise noted)
    Bunnell, FL 32110

Supporting Documents
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