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Agriculture Program


High-Efficiency Irrigation System on Commercial Sod Farm Calf Processing on Family Ranch Flagler Potatoes in Full Flower

Agriculture in Flagler County
Sustainability is the most fundamental goal of any successful agricultural enterprise. Future generations are dependent on the practices of their predecessors. If resources are not optimally managed, productive capacities will diminish, and economic solvency will be lost. It is the responsibility of all associated with this industry to preserve and protect the continued strength of our nation’s most fundamental industry.

Natural resource stewardship isn’t just the responsibility of agricultural land users. Non-production areas of the rural landscape and urban land uses also have factor into the mosaic fabric of our county.

The University of Florida / Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Flagler County Extension Service provides programming to individuals and organizations involved in the areas of agriculture and natural resource management. The purpose of these programs is to assist land managers and their staff in developing and adopting science based practices that will ensure the current as well as the future social, economic, and environmental benefits that are dependent on our county and state’s natural resources.

More Information
For more information, see the 2007 USDA Census of Agriculture (Flagler County Summary).


Cow-Calf Winter Nutrition Toolbox This toolbox contains materials relevant to winter feeding for cow-calf operators. Throughout the southeast managers spend from 40-60% of their annual operating budgets on expenses associated with winter feeding. Improved efficiencies in the management of these resources offer opportunities for improved profitability and enterprise sustainability.

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