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Home Occupations
Home Occupations
You may run a business from your home if the zoning district in which you live allows it. Some zoning districts allow a home occupation as a permitted use, and some districts require Planning and Development Board approval for a special exception to have a home occupation.

In all districts the same guidelines must be followed. These guidelines are listed below:
  • The applicant must demonstrate to the Planning and Development Board clear evidence that the proposed home occupation will not:
    • Disturb the peace, quiet, and domestic tranquility of the residential neighborhood
    • Create excessive odor, noise, parking, or traffic above that of the residential neighborhood
    • Create a fire hazard or nuisance
    • Use or generate toxic or hazardous materials or waste
  • Special exceptions and permitted uses for home occupations are subject to the following regulations:
    • No more than one home occupation shall permitted within any single dwelling unit (excluding cases where a person requires multiple professional or vocational licenses and the actual performance or work occurs somewhere other than the applicant's dwelling unit)
    • Permitted home occupations shall not include the employment of any persons not residing on the premises in the performance of the occupation
    • No one other than residents of the dwelling shall be employed in the conduct of a home occupation (excluding those cases where actual performance of work occurs somewhere other than the applicant's dwelling unit)
    • No stock-in-trade shall be displayed or maintained on the premises, and no retail sales on the premises shall occur
    • A home occupation shall produce no noise or obnoxious odors, vibrations, glare, fumes, or electrical interference detectable to normal sensory perception
    • No traffic or parking shall be generated by such home occupation in greater volumes than would normally be expected in a residential neighborhood
    • There shall be no exterior indication of the home occupation in greater volumes than would normally be expected in a residential neighborhood
    • No mechanical equipment shall be used or stored on the premises in connection with the home occupation except that which is normally used for purely domestic or household purposes or as specifically provided for in a special exception permit
  • All special exceptions for home occupation land uses are subject to review and a rehearing of the approved special exception by the planning board upon written and justifiable complaints from surrounding property owners; such rehearing may result in the revoking of the special exception or additional conditions for continued operation of a home occupation
  • Home occupation uses shall be subject to all applicable county occupational licenses and other business taxes
  • In the event that the applicant has not had an occupational license in effect for the duration of time that the applicant has been operating the business out of the home, as a condition of any special exception, the applicant shall be required to pay all occupational license fees that would have been due plus the maximum statutory penalties and fees as prescribed by state and local law

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