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Customer Information
A utility deposit is required for all water and/or sewer service. The deposit is retained by the county and may be applied to your final bill.

Application and Fees
The customer shall complete an Application for Service and submit it in person, along with the appropriate deposit amount, as prescribed in the Fee Schedule.

Transferring Service To Another Address
Deposits will be transferred to a new address within the service area after service at the existing address is terminated and the current bill is paid in full. If the balance of the deposit on the terminated account is less than the current deposit, the customer will be required to pay the difference. The customer must give at least three days notice. A service charge will be applied to the next billing cycle.

Closing Your Account
Please call us when you want to close your account. We will read your meter and send your final bill. Your deposit will be applied and any refund due will be mailed separately. This process takes two to four weeks, depending on the billing cycle.

Vacation Cut-Off
For your convenience and protection, you may temporarily discontinue service if you will be away for an extended period. Basic fees will be charged to your account. A service charge will be added to your bill to turn water back on.

Pool Fill Adjustments
Sewer charges can be adjusted following confirmation that your pool was filled. You must contact the office prior to filling your pool to qualify for this adjustment.

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