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Sensitive Lands & Project Assistance
Environmentally Sensitive Lands
In 1988, Flagler County initiated an Environmentally Sensitive Lands (ESL) program to use funding from voter-approved ad valorem taxes to acquire environmentally sensitive lands, recreation areas, and water recharge areas. The Land Acquisition Selection Advisory Committee was formed in 1989 to help the county implement the program. Since that time, the committee has determined potential land acquisitions based on their natural and cultural significance.

In 2002 and 2008, Flagler County voters reaffirmed their support of the Environmentally Sensitive Lands program. Over 4,200 acres have been preserved as Environmentally Sensitive Lands. The Land Acquisition Selection Advisory Committee is continually researching potential purchases. The ESL program and committee are staffed by the environmental planner.

Project Assistance
Environmental Planning also lends assistance to other Flagler County departments as they work to construct public amenities such as parks, roads, and trails. For more information on any of the Environmental Planning projects, contact Environmental Planner Tim Telfer at (386) 313-4066.

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