Flagler County emergency shelters

September 5, 2017 – As Hurricane Irma continues to get closer, Flagler County will announce when emergency and special needs shelters will open as preparations solidify.

“We are taking this very seriously and we are planning for the worst with the hope that we don’t have to activate all those plans,” said Flagler County Public Safety Emergency Manager Steve Garten. “We are working with the Health Department and Flagler County Schools to ensure we have everything in place when the time comes.”

The earliest shelters are proposed to open is Saturday. Flagler County should not feel the effects of Hurricane Irma until noon Sunday if the storm remains on the current track.

“We will likely open three shelters,” County Administrator Craig Coffey said. “Rymfire for special needs, Bunnell elementary for residents who need to evacuate with pets, and portions of the Buddy Taylor-Wadsworth campus for general populations.”

No evacuation orders have been issued.

“Now is the time to take a deep breath and to make sure you have an emergency plan for you and your family,” Garten said. “Being prepared helps us to help you.”

A “Family Emergency Communications Plan” should address how family members will communicate with one another before, during and after an emergency.

  1. Have a paper copy of important contact information for family members, family doctors, schools, service providers and other important people.
  2. Have several copies available to each and every family member. FEMA provides a fillable and printable PDF file to use as a guide that is available at www.flaglercounty.org/emergency.
  3. Decide on familiar places to retreat for safety or to reunite after an emergency.
              • During wind events: choose a small, interior windowless room – such as a closet or bathroom – on the lowest level of a sturdy building. 
              • Within the neighborhood (during a house fire or other single-residence event): choose a neighbor's home or driveway, or a nearby landmark.
              • Outside the neighborhood: choose a place to reunite such as a library, community center, house of worship, or a family friend's home. 
              • Out of town: choose the home of a friend or relative in the event of evacuation. Discuss ways to get to the meeting location. 

Check for current information on Flagler County’s website www.flaglercounty.org, or tune into the county’s partner radio station WNZF, 1550 am, 106.3 fm and the Flagler Radio App worldwide. Follow “Flagler County Government” or “Flagler County Emergency Management on Facebook or Twitter. The county’s social media team will provide updates through these official accounts:

  • Facebook.com/FlaglerCountyGovernment
  • Facebook.com/FlaglerEOC
  • Twitter.com/FlaglerCtyGov
  • Twitter.com/FlaglerEM