Cash helps storm recovery

September 14, 2018 – As Flagler County will be spared from the ravages of Hurricane Florence, officials are asking residents who want to assist those in the Carolinas receiving the brunt of the storm to make a monetary donation.

“There are a lot of people who want to return the favor, if you will, knowing that outside contributions helped us survive and recover from back-to-back hurricanes Matthew and Irma,” said Flagler County Emergency Management Chief Jonathan Lord. “There are a lot of logistics involved with donating physical items – food and clothing – which actually complicates disaster relief efforts.”

Financial donations can be made through the following safe sites:

“As far as donations go, you can really make more of an impact with cash,” Commission Chair Greg Hansen said. “You don’t have to spend extra shipping or travel to get the donation where it is needed. It makes sense to help people get what they actually need.”

Emergency management officials also ask volunteers not to self-deploy. Unexpectedly arriving at a community that has been impacted by the hurricane creates an additional burden for first responders. Many volunteer opportunities still require very specialized training.

Locally, residents can contact Flagler Volunteer Services,, which has many volunteer programs and volunteer training opportunities – including disaster-related work for those interested in helping after emergency events.

“Donations large or small would really be appreciated by our friends to the north, as they work to meet the needs of their citizens,” County Administrator Craig Coffey said.