Plans in place for smooth voting process at the Government Services Complex despite parking lot construction

voter map

October 16, 2020 – Flagler County officials consider facilitation of this election a high priority, and to that end has taken extraordinary measures to make sure voting is as easy as possible despite parking lot construction. All visitors to the Government Services complex will expediently find a parking space, and voters will be directed to reserved parking nearest the Supervisor of Elections office.

“In light of the long-term, parking-enhancement construction, I want to assure the public they will be accommodated for early voting, which begins Monday, October 19,” County Administrator Jerry Cameron said.

Those accommodations include:

  • Electronic Signage – variable message boards saying “Vote Here” will be placed on the east and west lanes of East Moody Boulevard to indicate the entrance to the government campus.
  • Directional signage will continue to move traffic flow along the southern side of Courthouse and Government Services Building to access parking – the main parking area that voters would normally use.
  • Employees will be parking at the Courthouse and Emergency Operations Center to make all Government Services Building parking available to early voters and visitors.
  • A significant portion of Government Services Building parking closest to Supervisor of Elections office is reserved strictly for “Voters Only.”
  • Flagler County offered to hire people to direct traffic during voting hours.

“These accommodations were offered during early discussions of the multi-month project to increase parking,” Cameron said. “They have been available all along to the Supervisor of Elections office, and we are happy to support them now.”