Long-anticipated Marineland Acres drainage, roadway improvements underway 

April 1, 2021 – Residents within the Marineland Acres community are seeing the beginnings of long-anticipated drainage and roadway improvements that will not only enhance their streets, but also to help reduce flooding duration in the area.

Flagler County Engineering Director Faith Alkhatib has been working to procure funding for this project for quite some time. The Board of County Commissioners approved this project for construction and a “notice to proceed” was issued in late January.

“This project is generally focused on much needed stormwater drainage systems and roadway improvements, which tailors nicely with the history and experience of the chosen contractor Besch and Smith Civil Group,” said Engineering Director Faith Alkhatib. “Construction is expected to last approximately 2 years, so the anticipated completion date will be in early 2023.”

The work includes 3.7 miles of multiple two-lane residential roadway and related improvements – many of which are dirt roads that will be improved. Partial funding for this aspect of the project is coming from the Florida Department of Transportation.

All of the streets are located between State Road A1A and the Atlantic Ocean coastline, and the improvements will include: a uniform structural travel lane section and cross-section, and cul-de-sacs – some that will be newly constructed with a paved surface, and others that are to be simply milled and resurfaced – both using hot mix asphaltic concrete. In addition to roadway improvements, signs and pavement markings will be included where necessary.

The construction will also include right-of-way drainage improvements consisting of roadside grassed swales, and a piped stormwater collection system that will convey storm drainage to an existing treatment area.

“The Marineland Acres community (of about 200 residences) knows of the past flooding and septic tank effluent challenges that have plagued the area during heavy storms,” Alkhatib said. “With the proposed improvements, the collected stormwater will soon be conveyed to a newly constructed Central Avenue drainage trunk line, and will continue south to tie into the already constructed Bay Drive pipeline and treatment area before continuing to the Intracoastal Waterway.”

CONSOR Engineers will provide construction engineering and inspection services for this project.

“We want the community to be happy with the outcome of this much needed project, with the least amount of disruption to their everyday lives,” said Charles Woerner, project manager for CONSOR. “Everyone will do what they can to make sure the construction during this project creates the least amount of impact and disruption possible for the Marineland Acres residents.”

Construction of this project began in February, and will continue in phases until the scheduled completion in early 2023. Engineer Matt Maggiore, with England-Thims and Miller, led and managed the project design.

Roads to be improved include:

  • Ocean Street from State Road A1A to the east terminus
  • Atlantic Drive from State Road A1A to the east terminus
  • Flagler Drive from State Road A1A to the east terminus
  • Moody Drive from Central Avenue to the east terminus
  • Rollins Drive from Rollins Dunes Drive to the east terminus
  • Surf Drive from State Road A1A to Central Avenue
  • Bay Drive from State Road A1A to E. of Central Avenue
  • Central Avenue from Ocean Street to Seascape Drive
  • Moody Drive to Rollins Drive
  • Rollins Drive to Bay Drive
  • Moody Drive from State Road A1A to Central Avenue
  • Central Avenue from Seascape Drive to Moody Drive
  • Rollins Drive from State Road A1A to Rollins Dunes Drive
  • Rollins Dunes Drive from Rollins Drive to the east terminus