Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Library Marc "Joe" Saloom Assistant Library Director 386-313-4200 x3718
Innovation Technology Jarrod Shupe Chief Information Officer / 911 Coordinator 386-313-4281
Administration Jerry Cameron County Administrator 386-313-4001
Administration Luci Dance Executive Assistant to the BOCC 386-313-4093
Administration Michael Esposito Special Projects Coordinator 386-313-4040
Administration Rose Keirnan Public Relations & Marketing Specialist 386-313-4026
Administration Mari Davis Executive Assistant To County Administrator 386-313-4094
Administration Julie Murphy Public Information Officer 386-313-4039
Ag Extension Martha Creamer Administrative Assistant 386-313-4200 x3602
Ag Extension Anna Eppinger Extension Program Assistant 386-313-4200 x3609
Ag Extension Alisha Hutchinson 4-H Extension Agent I 386-313-4200 x3603
Ag Extension Wendy Mussoline Multi-County Agriculture Agent II 386-313-4200 x3607
Ag Extension Sharon Treen Director 386-313-4200 x3605
Airport Virginia "Gina" Friedman Administrative Assistant 386-313-4234
Airport Leroy "Roy" Sieger Jr Director 386-313-4233
Financial Services Brian Eichinger Senior Budget Analyst 386-313-4099
Financial Services Lauren Shank Senior Budget Analyst 386-313-4095
Building Department Mark Boice Chief Building Official 386-313-4027
Building Department Francis "Frank" Davidge Chief Building Inspector 386-313-4028
Building Department Charles "Charlie" Grebe Senior Building Inspector 386-313-4024
Building Department Jeffrey "Jeff " Lamm Building Inspector II 386-313-4022
Code Enforcement Edwin "Ed" Rodriguez Code Enforcement Supervisor 386-313-4076
Code Enforcement Scott Simon Code Enforcement Inspector 386-313-4083
County Commissioner Charles Ericksen Jr. County Commissioners 386-313-4001
County Commissioners Gregory "Greg" Hansen County Commissioner 386-313-4001
County Commissioners Joseph "Joe" Mullins County Commissioner 386-313-4001
County Commissioners Donald "Don" O'Brien County Commissioner 386-313-4001
County Commissioners David Sullivan County Commissioner 386-313-4001
County Attorney Denise Anderson Legal Assistant 386-313-4055
County Attorney Albert Hadeed County Attorney 386-313-4057
County Attorney Sean Moylan Assistant County Attorney 386-313-4056
Economic Opportunity Katrina Austin Project Manager 386-313-4070
Economic Opportunity Christine "Tina" Hutsell Economic Development Specialist 386-313-4098
Economic Opportunity Lili Tuggle-Weir Marketing Specialist 386-313-4072
Economic Opportunity Helga Vaneckert Director 386-313-4071
Emergency Management Nealon Joseph Planner 386-313-4265
Emergency Management Jonathan Lord Director 386-313-4240
Emergency Management Laura Nelson Senior Planner 386-313-4243
Emergency Management Robert "BP" Pickering Technician 386-313-4250
Emergency Management Lea Tardanico Planner 386-313-4244
Engineering Kifah "Faith" Alkhatib Director / County Engineer 386-313-4045
Engineering Gerard "Gerry" Farley Drafter / CAD Technician 386-313-4054
Engineering Richard Gordon Assistant Public Works Director / Assistant County Engineer 386-313-4046
Engineering Amy Stroger Project Manager 386-313-4047
Engineering Dennis Leap Project Administrator 386-313-4050
Engineering Gracielyn "Gracie" Rezba Office Manager 386-313-4052
Facilities Michael Catalano Facilities Contract Coordinator 386-313-4179
Facilities Robert "Rob " Gavazzi Energy Management Coordinator 386-313-4193
Facilities Kenneth "Kenny" Patten Jr Chief of Trades Facilities 386-313-4124
Financial Services E. John Brower Director 386-313-4036
Financial Services Lacy Martin Budget Analyst 386-313-4096
Financial Services Leanne Burke Administrative Assistant 386-313-4091
Fire Rescue Richard Bennett Battalion Chief 386-313-4200
Fire Rescue James "Jamey" Burnsed Jr Battalion Chief 386-313-4200
Fire Rescue Leonard "Lenny" Ensalaco Jr Fire Rescue Training Officer 386-313-4257
Fire Rescue Marilyn Franco Accountant I 386-313-4252
Fire Rescue Joseph "Joe" King Deputy Chief 386-313-4256
Fire Rescue Dana Morris Flight Operations Chief 386-313-4200
Fire Rescue Donald "Don" Petito Chief 386-313-4255
Fire Rescue Caryn Prather Community Paramedic 386-313-4260
Fire Rescue James Shaw Battalion Chief 386-313-4200
Fire Rescue Jerry Smith Fire Marshall 386-313-4258
Fire Rescue Steven "Todd" Whaley Chief Pilot / Maintenance Tech 386-313-4200 x3537
Fleet Chester "Chet" Lagana Fleet Services Manager 386-313-4184
General Services Priscilla De Freitas Administrative Assistant 386-313-4183
General Services Michael "Mike" Dickson Asstistant Director 386-313-4191
General Services Debra Diguilio Accounting Clerk 386-313-4192
General Services Madison Friedman 386-313-4186
General Services Stephanie Mcmahon Office Manager 386-313-4188
General Services Tishia Peterson Accountant I 386-313-4190
General Services Heidi Petito Director 386-313-4185
Growth Management Mary Wisenbaker Office Manager 386-313-4085
Human Resources Pamela "Pam" Wu Director 386-313-4033
Human Resources Anita Stoker Benefits & Wellness Manager 386-313-4034
Innovation Technology Suzanne Eubanks Administrative Specialist 386-313-4266
Innovation Technology Matthew "Matt " Golden Public Safety Systems Coordinator 386-313-4294
Innovation Technology Carlos Hernandez Video Production Coordinator 386-313-4273
Innovation Technology Isaac "Ike" Leary IT Support Manager 386-313-4293
Innovation Technology Darlene Pardiny GIS & E911 Addressing Coordinator 386-313-4274
Land Management Michael "Mike" Lagasse Land Management Coordinator 386-313-4064
Land Management Timothy Telfer Public Lands & Natural Resources Manager 386-313-4066
Library Holly Albanese Director 386-313-4200 x3708
Library Karen Burtnett Administrative Assistant 386-313-4200 x3709
Library Lisa Catalano Librarian II 386-313-4200 x3712
Parks Frank Barbuti Parks & Recreation Manager 386-313-4144
Planning & Zoning Susan Graham Development Engineer 386-313-4082
Planning & Zoning Wendy Hickey Planner 386-313-4068
Planning & Zoning Elizabeth "Gina" Lemon Development Review Planner 386-313-4067
Planning & Zoning Adam Mengel Director 386-313-4065
Purchasing Kristen "Kris" Collora Purchasing Manager 386-313-4062
Purchasing Marylyn Dance PT Property Control Agent 386-313-4061
Purchasing Holly Durrance Procurement Analyst 386-313-4063
Purchasing Irene Lopez Procurement Analyst 386-313-4097
Purchasing Andrew Pearson Property Control Agent 386-313-4178
Road & Bridge William "Billy" Dawson Assistant Road & Bridge Manager 386-313-4006
Road & Bridge Alexander "Alex" Spiller Road & Bridge Manager 386-313-4051
Road & Bridge Elizabeth "Liz" Yates Administrative Assistant 386-313-4136
Senior Services Winifred "Winnie" Costello Senior Services Case Manager 386-313-4200 x3623
Senior Services James Delawrence Senior Services Case Manager 386-313-4200 x3634
Senior Services Mark Foust Senior Services Case Manager 386-313-4200 x3633
SHIP Ralston Reodica Ship Administrator 386-313-4200 x3616
Social Services Joyce Bishop Financial Management Coordinator 386-313-4200 x3626
Social Services Patricia "Pat " Cain Human Services Case Manager 386-313-4200 x3630
Social Services Marianne Federko Accounting Clerk 386-313-4200 x3628
Social Services Joanne Hinkel Senior Services Program Mgr 386-313-4200 x3625
Social Services Janet Jensen Adult Day Care Program Mgr 386-313-4200 x3632
Social Services Stephanie Morse Administrative Assistant 386-313-4200 x3622
Social Services Janet Nickels Human Services Program Manager 386-313-4200 x3634
Social Services Devrie Paradowski Human Services Case Manager 386-313-4200 x3629
Tourist Development Nina "Candi" Breckenridge Tourism Marketing Specialist 386-313-4227
Tourist Development Craig Lenniger Tourism Sales & Grants Manager 386-313-4023
Tourist Development Amy Lukasik Tourism Marketing Manager 386-313-4226
Tourist Development Debra Naughton Administrative Assistant 386-313-4229
Transportation Trevor Martin Transportation Manager 386-313-4189
Utilities Victoria "Vikki" Layer Accounting Clerk 386-313-4016
Utilities William "Wayne" Masters Utility Maintenance Supervisor 386-313-4131
Utilities Raymond "Ray" Panas Utility Services Coordinator 386-313-4133
Veterans Services Eric Flores-Febles Veteran Services Counselor 386-313-4043
Veterans Services David Lydon Jr. Veterans Services Officer 386-313-4042
Innovation Technology Help Desk IT Support Help Desk 386-313-4280
Human Resources Samantha Whitfield Risk Management 386-313-4821